These are some key questions we would like you to answer, if possible:


• Why were you being asked to sign an NDA?
• What was the process of negotiating the NDA like and how did it affect you?
• How much time were you given to decide what to do?
• What was the impact on you and your life after signing an NDA?


Finding it difficult to share you story?


We understand that these narratives will be difficult to write for many reasons – particularly when the events were traumatic.
So you may find it hard to get started. We suggest that you take some time and read some of the other anonymous testimonies we have published on this page – you are not alone and are part of a community of individuals who have been impacted by NDAs.

Perhaps you can find a friend or supporter who can help you to write your story out.

Many of our contributors have said that submitting their story was cathartic and they were left with the feeling of being heard and validated.


Our process


Our main priority is to protect the storyteller by ensuring your testimony is anonymous. Every story will first be checked by a member of the CBMS team to ensure there is nothing that could lead to you being identified. However, because we are unfamiliar with the details and context of your story, we cannot promise to catch everything. We therefore ask that you tell your story without identifying details. Once your story has been anonymized, we will publish it on our website.


How can you contribute your story?


If you have signed an NDA, or have been asked to sign one and refused, we would really like to hear about your experience in your own words. Please follow through the prompt questions that appear in the text submission box and just write a few sentences about each, or skip one if you would rather.

Thank you for submitting your story to us. We shall review for safeguarding and publish your story here in the next few days and will be working as quickly as possible to get stories live, so do not resubmit.

If you would be willing to speak to the media – where you could also choose to remain anonymous – please provide us your name and contact information in strict confidence – it will not be given to, or seen by, anyone other than the website moderators – we would be able to follow up with you in the future.

Please tick here to show that you understand our policy and intention

We shall use quotes from the testimonies on our social media to raise awareness of the impact of the experience of NDAs. If you do NOT want any part of your story to be used anonymously on social media, please tick here (Optional)

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