Reporting a Breach of the Pledge at your University

The campaign, the Department of Education, and the Minister herself, take very seriously any allegations of breach of the NDA Pledge. They wish to investigate each one of these and there will be consequences ie the removal of the university’s name from the list of pledgers.


Please note that we can only follow up on breaches since your university signed the Pledge (although we are continuing to press universities to release people from all current NDAs made before the Pledge; more news on this coming soon).


If you believe that your university, having signed the Pledge, is continuing to use NDAs, you can email us at


There are two ways to report a breach:


  1. If you are willing to be identified, you would give us permission to pass your name and your report of a breach passed along to the Department of Education.
  2. If you do not wish, you can still make a report of a breach anonymously. The Department will then initiate an investigation if there are three or more anonymous reports about the same university (to avoid inadvertently outing you).


Whichever route you take to reporting a breach, please help us by providing as much information as possible about the use of an NDA that is occurring since the Pledge.


We are also preparing guidance with the Department for universities that have signed the Pledge to ensure that they understand what this will mean for their current complaint processes. We are hoping this will make it clear that the Pledge cannot simply be a casual acknowledgement, but will require real action for change.


Thank you for helping us to monitor the Pledge.


Julie, Zelda and the CBMS Team