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Lawyer Ron Pink speaks about banning misuse of NDAs at Nova Scotia Roundtable Nov 2022


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s43J of the UK Employment Act and protection for whistle-blowers by Protect

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5 Reasons to Reject NDAs (Julie)


An NDA was Designed to Keep me Quiet, New York Times Opinion (Ifeoma Ozoma)


NDAs are Out of Control. Here’s What Needs to Change (Orly Lobel)


When Your Employer Expects You to Hide the Truth (Julie)


4 Dangerous and Misleading Myths about NDAs (Julie)


How NDAs serve the interests of the powerful and revictimize the powerless (Julie)


Time for SRA to Update Warning Notice on NDAs (Richard Moorhead)


Law Society’s Practice Note on NDAs : I Vote for Its Withdrawal (Richard Moorhead)


The World You Don’t See (Stacey Harford) 


The Abuse of Non-Disclosure Agreements by Sharon Todd


Even in 2022, Non-Disclosure Clauses are Not ‘Standard’ Settlement Terms By Leigh Lester

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Challenging Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and the Harm they Cause:
Paving the Way for more Trauma-Informed Approaches by Jennifer Khor and Clea Parfitt



Ban On the Use of NDA’s  in Complaint Cases by Ken Kivenko

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My Time in the Financial Sector by Neville McKay



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Ryerson Centre for Free Expression “Does Confidentiality Work Against Justice?” (with Julie Macfarlane and Ifeoma Ozoma)


NDAs: Protecting Abusers Since the ’90’s: podcast with Zelda and Julie


Press launch for Irish legislation (with Senator Lynn Ruane, Zelda Perkins, Georgina Calvert-Lee, Julie Macfarlane and Ifeoma Ozoma)


Professor Richard Moorhead, BBC interview 2018


Zelda’s “Newsnight” interview 2017